idk why introverts have a reputation of being quiet and shy people who’d rather be alone. have you ever been friends with an introvert who’s decided you’re worth their time? we turn into the clingiest, most needy pieces of shit on the planet because there’s so few people we actually can stand

That’s exactly what all the people should know. 

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You can tell so much about a person by the way they leave you.

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This makes me think a lot

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Find your people. I don’t mean someone who also likes the same tv shows as you or someone who shares your love for cereal. Your people will bring out the best in you. Your people will trust and believe before they judge or assume. Your people will always be your people no matter how far you grow apart in distance. (via c0ntemplations)
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You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay. If you decide to walk out of my life, I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you. I’ll just let you go. Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)

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I don’t want to be a sweetheart. I want to be the fucking love of your life. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah (via kvvvte)

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October 19th at 11:59PM
He gets me. She gets me. Isn’t that the simple magic phrase?
You don’t have to justify yourself to me. You did what you did. Sue Grafton, B is for Burglar (via simply-quotes)

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October 19th at 12:41PM

If I Stay- Gayle Forman


I just want to have a cute relationship where I wear his hoodie because it smells of him and we would go for early morning walks at like 1 in the morning

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Girlfriend is such a stupid word. I couldn’t stand calling her that. So, we had to get married, so I could call her ‘wife’. Adam, Gayle Forman // If I Stay (via invisibees)

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